Thursday, 18 April 2013

I Want My Hat Back

We've just got the Greenaway shortlisted books for 2013 into my library and I'm going to be shadowing the competition with a group of keen kids on a Saturday afternoon. (Click here for the blogposts about CKG13 on my school library blog Edmund Smarticles at the Pre). I thought I'd get to know the books a bit first so I took three home to share with my sons this evening.

First up was:-

Helen Oxenbury (illustrator) and Peter Bently (author) KING JACK AND THE DRAGON

Puffin Books (3+)

ISBN: 9780141327594
We all loved the pictures in this book and both boys (a 7 Yr old and a 4 Yr old) were impressed by the den-making skills of the children and thought that the smallest child- Casper- was "cute and funny". I think that I probably enjoyed the book more than they did however.

Then we moved on to a book that one of my friends loved reading to her bounce and rhyme group so much that she brought it to Library Camp in Birmingham to share with me...

Chris Haughton OH NO, GEORGE!
Walker Books (5+)

ISBN: 9781406332254

I LOVE this book and both boys thought it was funny- mostly because of George's amazing eyes that express so much. My 7 Yr old says that he enjoyed the hanging ending and that the book's colour scheme reminded him of Little Big Planet.

Finally we read this book:-
Walker Books (5+)
ISBN: 9781406338539

Klasson's illustrations are gathering a bit of a cult following amongst some of my younger friends in their early 20s if their Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr accounts are anything to go by. I wasn't sure whether his style would appeal to my kids but they both liked his illustrations. I won't spoil the ending but it had me and my 7 Yr old "laughing our heads off" as he puts it, but my 4 Yr old (and his soft toy Rabbie) were not so amused...

What I particularly loved about this book was the subtlety... the 'twist' at the end led to a conversation about why we could guess at what had happened and led to us reading it again 'looking for clues'. Great stuff- unless you are quite young...or a rabbit...!

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