Sunday, 24 March 2013

Library Organisation

I have been experimenting with apps that I can use to produce slideshows to use in my library lessons, I'm going to use this with the Year 4s when I introduce the Dewey Decimal System to them. I usually start by drawing a distinction between fiction and non-fiction and then get them to think of reasons why sorting everything alphabetically might not be the most user-friendly approach- using a 'shelf' of fiction and non'fiction books (three on the same topic- scattered through the shelf when sorted alphabetically) as an example. I'm going to follow this slideshow with the Dewey Decimal Rap, show the kids a few examples to think about and get them to decide which classmark they might go under and 'ta da!' there's a neat little introduction to the DDC. Some of my Yr 4s this year can still sing the Dewey Decimal Rap even though I only showed it to them the once last term!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

World Book Week

This week I have mostly been doing this:-

2 school libraries
1 week
100s of children
100s of books
& lots of fun!

There were author visits, a poetry slam, new books, dressing up, free books, competitions, bedtime stories after school and lots more besides. For more info on what we've been doing at The Pre and at Ashton Gate this week for World Book Week see the blogs below:-

Saturday, 9 March 2013

A love of books is for life, not just for World Book Day...

I've been playing with a new app and used it on a photo of our shelves at AG Primary:- 

I would like to have the time to create more literacy/library photos to release into the digital wilds...if someone would just sort out those extra hours in the day...