Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Books

I've been in my son's school library this week adding some of the new books to stock- here are a few photos including a few of my very helpful library assistant.

This year I've chosen books aimed at the various projects going on in the school. There's a PTA group who are getting the kids involved in trying to improve the look of the playground by doing some gardening projects, a group doing mini-beast hunts and pond-dipping in our pond and an IT/coding club so I've got them all some relevant books.

I've also replaced some of the classic books that I weeded over the summer, got in some series aimed at the Yr 5/6s (they are slightly under-served by our fiction selection at the moment) and have bought a nice selection of Raintree/DC's Superhero collection especially for beginner/reluctant readers. Quite a number of these went out straight away- I think they'll be very popular! I am a big fan of the 'Super-Pets' titles (the adventures of the pets of superheroes) it makes me laugh to think of Batman having a dog and as for Wonder Woman's kangaroo...?!

The PTA is funding the Poetry Slam group coming in to the school as part of Library/Book Week this year so I've also developed the collection of poetry titles in the library- including a book about writing poetry and a rhyming dictionary. Can't wait to see what the kids get up to with three poets to work with for a whole day!

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