Saturday, 25 August 2012

The joy of weeding

Danny Kendall R.I.P.
I've spent quite a bit of time this summer holiday weeding the stock in my son's primary school library. The library was set up by the PTA about four years ago and is run and funded by the PTA on a voluntary basis. I'm not completely sure where all of the books came from when it was set up as my eldest son is only in Yr 1 so I wasn't around when it was opened. My guess is that quite a few of the books were gathered from classrooms at that time and added to the brand spanking new books because there was some rather ancient books on our fiction shelves when I got my hands on them. I was most amused by a Grange Hill book with a photo of Danny Kendall on the front, I'm pretty sure that the show was axed before any of the children in the school were born!

Many classic titles fell into the category of "never been borrowed" but their covers were so old, faded and tatty that it's hardly surprising. These neglected classics included The Secret Garden, Peter Pan, The Railway Children, Swallows and Amazons and Alice in Wonderland. My cunning plan is to restock these titles using the lush new Vintage  Children's Classics in order to encourage issues- for example this
will be replaced by
Vintage have produced a lush new website to support the new classic editions which is well worth checking out and sharing with your kids as it's awesome and should inspire them to pick some of these great books up

It's amazing how much better the shelves and picture book boxes look after a good weed though, it's so true that the books that are left look newer and more appealing without the old stock cluttering up the place and of course there is now plenty of room for the gorgeous new books that we will be ordering very soon :)

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